Renaissance of Reason® was founded on a personal passion. Although there have been a few exceptions, since at least the early 1800s, the Williams line has produced a succession of folk who—while seemingly hard-wired to never become rich or famous—have been thinkers. Mind you, not sedentary chin-on-fist thinkers in the manner of Rodin. No—they’ve consistently been colorful, creative, clever, humorous, musical, observant, artistic, generous, practical, modest, un-materialistic, unpretentious, optimistic thinkers. And be it a boon or a burden, they have within their genetic code a powerful, though often exasperating gift. As the little feller in ‘The Sixth Sense’ could see dead people—we see naked emperors. Hans Andersen’s kid outed just one. We’re stuck with seeing them all around, along with just about every elephant in every room. It’s inescapable—sanity just seems to run in the family.

Being a baby boomer, my adolescence was ultra-enjoyed as a touring musician during that unprecedented explosion of Western hedonism known as 'The Sixties'. Hence, for much of what remained of last century I made more mistakes that all of the preceding wise Williamses combined—yet somehow remained in one piece and out of the obits. This is without doubt entirely—apart from amazing luck—to the credit of my superb parents, who did 'it' perfectly without either seeking or expecting a blissful afterlife or fearing eternal hellfire. Over the years though, I gradually began to absorb their 'it’. So it was that while repeatedly getting flippered back onto life's pinball table, I gradually managed to assemble my own Universal checklist—The Ten. Ten suggestions rather than commandments. The Ten and the ethos lives at the Infinite Deity website.

So it is then, I stand in absolute awe of the Infinite Universe and the fact that I am privileged beyond description to be consciously, though temporarily, a part of it—and as I endeavor to inspire my children by example so they might repeat the cycle.

Feel free to be associated with the Renaissance of Reason® wherever you may be.




The New York Times (about something else)

"Will do for man-made religion what 'The Emperor's New Clothes' did for dodgy tailors.."
Ronnie Williams

"Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?.."
Mandy Rice Davies

Composed & Performed by Ronnie Williams

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